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Junior Fixtures Released

The much anticipated junior fixtures have been released for the 2021 season. We hope for another successful season on the field for all 4 of our junior sides. Full fixtures can be found below or on our website. 2021 Fixtures

Exciting New U19 Format

Introducing the new U19 F15 concept for 2021, 'With a Twist' !!

New, Fast, Fun & Highly Exciting cricket is here for this season, with the introduction of a new format for the U19's.

T20 rules re-designed for F15, with some exciting additions.

8-a-side Teams

15 Overs a-side

All 8 wickets needed to bowl a team out

Last batsman in can bat on their own - can only score 2,4 or 6

No Ball = Free Hit

Batters retire at 50, but can return if all wickets fall

Home Run = If a 6 is scored off the last ball of an innings, its counts Double - 'Imagine needing 10 to win off the last ball' !!

Full rules will be uploaded on the DCCL website soon.

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