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2023 Presentation Dinner

Last Saturday night the annual cricket club presentation evening was held at Glossop Golf club. A massive thank you to everyone that helped to make it so special; Glossop Golf Club, Lee the DJ, Nancy’s Nest & Liz Lane for all the planning & organising.

The night was a great success with all enjoying the lovely food, trophy presentation and Paul Howbrook's fantastic dancing into the night.

It was lovely to see some of Andy Kings family in attendance on the evening. David, Holly & George collected the Outstanding Achievement Award on behalf of their son & dad. A fitting tribute to a truly great man.

Paul Howbrook scooped the prestigious Players Player Award. A league winning captain with the third team. Massive congratulations to Paul. A well deserved winner!

The Ladies Players Player Award was won by Amna Ahmed. Huge congratulations to Amna on being the first ever OG ladies players player. We hope to see her fighting fit again for the 2023 softball season, after she collected her award aided by a pair of crutches.

Youngster Ethan Lumb picked up the Best Allrounder Award. Ethan had a fantastic season with bat and ball, accumulating 861 runs and 40 wickets in all competitions. Well done Ethan.

The Junior Player of the Year was awarded to Awais Khan. Awais has bundles of talent, enthusiasm & charisma to match. Congratulations Awais!

The infamous Duck Trophy was won by Joe Wild for his 5 ducks in the season. Don't worry too much Joe there has been some big names on this trophy in the past.


All the winners on the night were..

Senior Players Player - Paul Howbrook

Outstanding Achievement - Andy King

Ladies Players Player - Amna Ahmed

All Rounder - Ethan Lumb

Junior Player of the Year - Awais Khan

Duck Trophy - Joe Wild

1st XI Awards

1st XI Batting Average - James Lythgoe

1st XI Most Runs - James Lythgoe

1st XI Highest Score - James Lythgoe

1st XI Bowling Average - Paul Littlewood

1st XI Most Wickets - Rob Adderley

1st XI Most Catching - Rob Adderley

2nd XI Awards

2nd XI Batting Average - Andy Dwyer

2nd XI Most Runs - Andy Dwyer

2nd XI High Score - Zaeem Arshad

2nd XI Bowling Average - Ste Allcock

2nd XI Most Wickets - Ste Allcock

2nd XI Catching - Robbie Barrow

3rd XI Awards

3rd XI Batting Average - Zaeem Arshad

3rd XI Most Runs - Ethan Lumb

3rd XI High Score - Tom Lane

3rd XI Bowling Average - Ethan Lumb

3rd XI Most Wickets - Ethan Lumb

3rd XI Catching - Ethan Lumb/Seth Hall

Ladies Awards

Ladies Batting Average - Netty Bell

Ladies Most Runs - Sharon Gibbs

Ladies Bowling Average - Netty Bell

Ladies Fielding Award - Becca Hodgkins

U19's Awards

U19s Batting - Jake Donnelly

U19s Bowling - Tom Lane

U19s Catching - Jake Donnelly

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