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Last Man Standing - D&C Style!!

Many of you will have come across Football/Premier League Last Man Standing competitions before! This summer we are going to host a Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League version! Here's how it works..


  1. You must select a team that you think will WIN on a Saturday from any of the four Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket Leagues. (*note first week will only be Div 1)

  2. You must make your selection prior to midnight on the Friday before the Saturday fixtures and ensure it is communicated to the organisers, details will be given on signing up.

  3. Any new players wishing to join the game must join at the start of a new knockout. This will allow all participants to have selected the same number of teams throughout the season leaving no player at an advantage or disadvantage for having ‘survived’ more or less weeks in the knockout game.

  4. Once you have selected a team for a chosen Saturday you are NOT allowed to select them again for the remainder of the current league game.

  5. The game is £10 to participate per knockout – the game will restart following a winner or in the event of no winner a rollover game will start. Each game will be completed when there is a winner (i.e. one person remaining – ‘Last Man Standing’).

  6. If all remaining participants are knocked out of the game due to nobody selecting a winning team then the game ‘rolls over’ allowing ALL participants back in to the game.  A further £10 will be required from each participant to re- enter the game. Any new participants entering at this point would have to pay double to enter.

  7. If your selected team wins their match you will progress on to the next round. If your team loses, draws, if you select a team that you have previously selected, if you select a team that is not playing on the Saturday or if you fail to make a selection you will be knocked out of the game.

  8. If your chosen fixture is POSTPONED after the Friday midnight deadline your selection will be deemed a win and you will progress to the next round.

Sounds great right? Get your entries in now!! Deadline - 21st April 2023

To enter comment/DM us on Facebook/Twitter or alternatively email us at

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