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OG Women’s vs Buxton

Another away game and we travelled to Buxton’s main ground with our doting number one fan Catherine Howbrook navigating public transport to be there to shout and support from the boundary.

After they suffered defeat in our earlier game of the season, Buxton were ready and raring to fight for a win and we knew it would be the toughest game of the season so far.

Batting first we took our warm up and spirits were high as we settled into the first innings.

Buxton started how they meant to go on and seemed to have been practising fielding drill after fielding drill as their catches, bowling and boundary stops took us into negative runs. First pair over and it was clearly going to be a push to achieve a decent run rate.

The following three pairs put in a good effort on the wicket. Running for two (much to Becca’s disgust) and well guided shots away from the wicket were complimented by some shots to the boundary that led to a 104 runs between the four pairs. However, with 6 wickets lost Buxton had an achievable target of only 274 to take the game and repay Old Glossop the favour of defeat at an away game but it was no way a game that was done and dusted after the first innings.

Old Glossop came out fighting. We knew we would have to follow Buxtons lead of being tight in the field, stopping the runs, and placing our fielders to cut off shots towards the boundary. Becky Beasley gave a masterclass in how to do this with a wicket taken through a precision throw for a run out at the wicket and a phenomenal batting back of the ball from the boundary to prevent it crossing the rope. Bowling was spread across the team and Jenny took a spectacular wicket as the ball spun back into the stumps as the batter reached out to strike.

Going into the third pair, OG were strong and preventing Buxton from catching their strike rate. Buxton definitely sent out four strong batters for their final pairs. Despite a strike rate achieving 32 runs with their penultimate pair, OG could keep the match but taking more wickets would have kept it much closer.

The final pair batted consistently and well. Each batter took over 10 runs and the players were well rehearsed in shots for one and runs to pick up their score.

Old Glossop walked away defeated for the first time defeated but enjoyed the game and Buxton deservedly took three points for the league table. Only 15 runs ahead, Buxtons quick fielding, and taking 3 wickets more in their innings really made the difference. Gross scores were 104 runs a piece but the final score came out at

Buxton 289 - Old Glossop 274

Player of the match was rightly awarded to fielding superstar of the day with a positive attitude throughout and pinpoint accuracy back into the wicket - Becky Beasley.

Much loved umpire for OG Women following the game expressed his pride for the ladies and the fight they gave in the game and the attitude shown by all players.

Back to our home ground for the next tough game - Dinting - first ball will be bowled at 18:30 - Tuesday 9th July.

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