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2021 2nd XI Review

It was a strange season with expectations starting on a high, with players coming down from the first team and with existing players already in the squad. It started well, winning the first game away at Stalybridge and so it began…

Looking at the good points - firstly there was Jehrome with a couple of scores of 50 and above, which got him the ticket for moving back up to First Team cricket - which I am sure he will do well, as I believe he has the talent. Then, following that there was Mal and Jonny, where again they both managed to perform for the First Team. Then Kingy - great to see him bowl again and his fielding in the deep was brilliant all season, and it was good to see him score his first 50 of the season.

Moving onto Steve and, as the season went along, his bowling was consistently good and his batting got better and better, again scoring 60 plus which was his highest score of his season, finishing with a good average above 30 plus for the season. Andy D scored his first ever 100 again against his old team Tintwistle, and JC put in a couple of 100’s too. It was also great to see young Tom Lane coming into the Second Team, opening the bowling and performing well, and moving forwards looking like First Team material very soon. Also, on that note, Jake again has performed with the ball all season taking wickets and was, in my view, the best fielder - and towards the back end of the season scored some good runs, which again moving forwards he is knocking on that First Team door.

Regarding the other young players Ethan and Connor Johnson, it was great to see them playing more games. It's also good to see George back playing senior cricket, and he will get better and better.

It was a shame to see Conor Keem not finish the season, and I am hoping that he will be back playing next year, he has so much to offer to this club. And also, for the old timer Doddy, it shows why it is important that we still need senior cricketers - bowling really well and winning the bowling averages.

A final note, it showed not having Daz and Twisty bowling, we need to get that strike bowling back at the top of the innings. It will also be good to see other players scoring some runs and not just the usual suspects of JC, Andy D and Robbie B who all averaged above 30 plus.

So, my final thoughts are that it was a season that started well but didn't quite live up to what it should have, with the players that were available.

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