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Derek Slack Tribute

Everyone at Old Glossop CC were saddened to hear the passing of an Old Glossop legend, Derek Slack.

So where to begin. Well Derek joined Old Glossop CC from Glossop CC, and after his first season he was asked to be the temporary club secretary, he agreed and took the roll on, and over 50 years later was still in the position i don't think this will ever be beaten (he used to still say he was temp secretary).

At this time its fair to say Derek and Walter Bradbury kept Old Glossop going, on one particular occasion Derek was playing and after each over he bowled he rushed off to do a few sandwiches for teas, then back on to bowl his next over. This continued until the teas were completed.

Over the coming seasons he had many rolls within the club, one of which was junior manager and we have to remember at that time there were no cars so Derek would take the club kit bag and 11 juniors on the train to away games, no small feat.

Derek would umpire, score, prepare the wicket, clean up after the game, basically he took on nearly all the rolls needed in running the cricket club, never moaning, just getting on with the task in hand.

For those of us who were lucky to spend anytime with Derek he had a wealth of knowledge of local cricket and he would recount endless tales over a few gold labels. Never repeating the same story he could hold court for hours. A man of clever humour and wit.

He was also a big part of raising funds to build our new pavilion were we did a weekly draw in a local pub for over 10 years.

Derek got many awards, but was never one for fuss or fanfare, however the one he was most proud of was winning the Derbyshire county cricket club life time achievement award. We also held a dinner for him, where Bob Taylor MBE presented him with a plaque to recognise all his hard work and dedication to the cricket club, which he hung up with pride in his hallway.

In his later years he still wanted to be involved within the day to day running of the club, cutting the grass, cleaning the changing rooms, etc he was totally dedicated to the cricket club. A totally reliable and dedicated club member.

Having know Derek for over 30 years it has been privilege to have him firstly as a friend and secondly as a fellow club member. I have too many stories to tell but as with all the people he met they will surely have their own to reminisce over the coming cricket season.

Sadly Derek's innings has now come to an end, he always played with a straight bat and will be sadly missed by all who new him.

His legacy will live on for ever and at last nights club meeting it was agreed to name the pavilion THE DEREK SLACK PAVILION in his honour.


President OGCC

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