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OG Women’s vs Stalybridge

The hottest day of the year so far and Old Glossop were hosting Stalybridge at home. A relatively new team to cricket we welcomed them to the ground and then won the coin toss, opting to field.

Working together as a team we set off with a strong first innings in the field. Emma made some fabulous stops, playing short in the field, and Becky was quick to return balls to the stumps when being swept around the wicket. Some well managed fielding, some wicked bowling by Jenny and Esme, it was when the final Stalybridge pair settled into their groove they posted a strong combined score onto the board. OG responsible for two wickets and a catch, the visiting team achieved a net score of 261.

Half time saw some much needed ice lolly and water break, and the OG women looked at the scoreboard, a very achievable score and were confident going in to bat.


Two wickets fell early and the first pair couldn’t seem to settle down with one catch and run out keeping the OG team on their toes. Happy to get some oomph behind the ball, the loss of runs was eventually made up for with a flurry of fours but the ladies still only walked away with a pairs score posted of 12 runs. With 3 pairs to play it didn’t feel enough.

OGs second batting pair took to the crease and the Stalybridge confidence saw two more opportunities for the bails to fall from the stumps. Some quick runs and the second pair left the field with Stalybridge on the upper hand.

Third pair Becky Beasley and Emma Jones took to the crease, and proved worth their weight in gold. A smashing pair and a fantastic run rate achieved between them. Quick shots for one and some well called runs for two accompanied by a handful of fours got the Old Glossop score finally moving steadily in the right direction and our final batting pair took to the field with an achievable goal for the win.

The final 2 overs of the game proved the game could have gone either way. It was back and forth. A score of 265 with 12 balls to bowl meant OG were in the lead. Then… a catch out and Stalybridge were on the front foot.

6 balls to go - Old Glossop had to pull something off and managed 6 runs in 3 balls to get back into the lead.

3 balls to go - another wicket taken.

2 balls to go and Old Glossop needed to play it safe. Jenny kept her head and her wicket clear and a final run pushed Old Glossop to a 4 run win. A nailbiter for sure!

A delightful opposition team were great to host, with some excellent promise shown in their field, with K Lees awarded their player of the match. Our own player nominated by the visitors was Emma Jones - for some incredible fielding, and batting, today.

Although it felt like a game where it didn’t quite click this evening, and was too close for comfort for sure, we just about managed a win! Undefeated and almost at the halfway mark for the season (still one game in hand).

Huge thanks to all those who came to support us at the club as always. Special mentions to :

- “The Commercial” for their ongoing support. It’s lovely to see the family at the club every week the ladies have a home game and means so much to the players.

- George White as our fabulous stand in scorer - despite Carolyn’s best efforts to steal his phone - and to Stalybridge for taking the reins when technology failed us.

- Steve Draper for his calm, collected umpiring - always.

Next game - Buxton away Tuesday 2nd July.

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