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OGCC Bonus Ball

The OGCC bonus ball £560 rollover was finally won last weekend so new members are now able to join and support the club through this valuable fund raiser.

Since the club bonus ball was started back in 2012 all those with a ball have helped raise over £35,000 towards club funds!!! Which I’m sure you will agree is amazing.

Thanks to everyone for all your support over this time with what is the main income source for the club.

Thanks to the new members who signed up this week. If anyone wants a ball, or wants to share a ball with a friend, please contact Andy King via; Phone 07923 674225 or Email

A ball costs £5 per week (£2.50 per week if shared) and the weekly prize is now close to £100 with the new members, and is rising all the time.....and there's always the chance of rollovers and big cash prizes.

Thanks everyone.

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